Alquiler de vestidos de novia │ Medellin │ TG Novias

The main task of the «ElenaMorar» company is a development of the design and tailoring of the perfect dress. The main decoration of a wedding is a bride. Every guest remembers her happy smile, eyes full of love, and wedding dress. Each girl on the eve of her holiday spend all time in searching for the perfect wedding dress, which will become a symbol of a large and strong family beginning.

Charm, mystery, sensuality, romance characterize the dresses of Eva Lendel, a young brand, launched in 2015 with the aim of creating and contributing something new to the exclusive world of bridal fashion, adopting fashion trends with innovation and a lot of originality. Her dresses are the perfect mix of contemporary details that arouse the desire to create a soft and at the same time bright image.